Become Our B2B Partner

Become Our B2B Partner

EXAM360 Partner's Policy
Empowering Growth Through Collaboration

Welcome to EXAM360's Supply With Us Program! We appreciate your interest in becoming our B2B Registered Suppliers or B2B Fulfilment Partner. Before you embark on this exciting journey, please read and understand the Policy carefully.

We prioritize collaboration with registered suppliers to ensure a curated and high-quality selection of products for our customers. This policy outlines the guidelines for suppliers to work with us and supply products directly to our warehouse. We value the partnership we have with our suppliers and aim to create a transparent and fair environment for all involved parties.

We value collaboration with registered businesses to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products offered us. We strictly prohibit individuals from selling items directly on the EXAM360 website. Only registered suppliers meeting our criteria are eligible to collaborate with us.

Your strategic partner in enhancing sales and expanding your market reach. At EXAM360, we believe in fostering collaboration rather than direct selling on our online platform. This policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for becoming our B2B Registered Suppliers or B2B Fulfilment Partner, offering you a unique opportunity to boost your sales without significant financial investment.

At EXAM360, we do not allow direct selling of products through our online website like other online marketplace platforms. However, you can significantly boost your sales by collaborating with EXAM360 and becoming one of our Registered B2B Suppliers and Fulfilment Partners.

1. Supplier Collaboration:
At EXAM360, we operate as a platform that collaborates with registered suppliers to provide a specialized and curated range of products. This model is designed to maintain quality and adherence to our standards.
Relevance: Suppliers must offer products relevant to our customer base, with a focus on educational and exam-related books.
Quality Standards: All books must meet high-quality standards in terms of content, printing, and binding and other essential requirements.
Legitimacy: Suppliers must be legally registered entities with the necessary licenses and certifications.
Sustainability: We encourage suppliers to adopt sustainable practices in printing, packaging, and shipping.

2. Pricing and Discounts:
☛ Suppliers must set fair and competitive prices for their products.
☛ Any discounts or promotions must be communicated to the platform administrator in advance.

3. Product Quality:
☛ Products must meet the quality standards outlined during the on-boarding process.
☛ Suppliers are responsible for addressing any product quality issues promptly.

4. Warehouse Integration:
☛ Direct Supply: Suppliers have the option to supply products directly to the EXAM360 warehouse.
☛ Quality Assurance: All products supplied to our warehouse must meet our predetermined quality standards.
☛ Collaborative Partnership: The direct supply model promotes a collaborative partnership, ensuring seamless coordination between suppliers and EXAM360.

5. Supplier Responsibilities:
☛ Product Quality: Suppliers are responsible for maintaining high-quality standards for all products supplied to our warehouse.
☛ Inventory Management: Suppliers should provide accurate information about available inventory and promptly update any changes.
☛ Timely Delivery: Timely delivery of products to our warehouse is crucial for maintaining an efficient supply chain.

6. Transparency and Communication:
☛ Open Communication: Transparent and open communication is essential for effective collaboration. Suppliers should communicate any changes promptly.
☛ Warehouse Operations: Suppliers are encouraged to coordinate with our warehouse operations team for efficient handling of inventory.

7. Our Commitment:
☛ Quality Control: EXAM360 is committed to maintaining high-quality standards for all products available on our platform.
☛ Support: Our support team is available to assist and address any queries or concerns from our suppliers.

8. Collaborative Selling Model:
Unlike traditional online marketplace platforms, we encourage collaboration with EXAM360 to become a B2B Registered Suppliers or B2B Fulfilment Partner. This model is reminiscent of a franchise but offers you the flexibility to join us without substantial upfront costs.

9. Compliance:
☛ Suppliers must comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
☛ Any changes to business details or documentation should be promptly communicated to the platform administrator.

10. Data Security:
☛ Suppliers must adhere to data protection and privacy laws.
☛ All details of EXAM360 should be handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

11. Termination of Partnership:
☛ The platform reserves the right to terminate the partnership if suppliers consistently violate policies.
☛ Suppliers have the right to terminate the partnership with proper notice.

12. Communication and Updates:
☛ Suppliers should stay informed about platform updates and policy changes.
☛ Regular communication channels will be provided for updates and announcements.


Expressing Interest: Suppliers interested in supplying products directly to our warehouse can express their interest through our designated ECG Portal. If you are interested in becoming our B2B Registered Suppliers or B2B Fulfilment Partner, initiate the process by raising a Quick Call-back Ticket on our ECG Portal. Our dedicated team will evaluate your details and initiate contact.

➋ Wait For Primary Approval: Upon approval of your primary request, proceed to the next stage for Catalogue Presentations to our EXAM BD Team (Business Development Team). This initial step ensures alignment with our business objectives.

Catalogue Presentations to BD Team: Present your catalogue to EXAM360 BD Team (Business Development Team), demonstrating the products you wish to supply for EXAM360. Simultaneously, share your rates and other relevant details. Approval by our Business Development Team allows progression to the next stage.

Business Registration (On-Boarding): Complete your business details along with necessary documentation, subject to verification by our internal teams. This step formalizes and act as B2B Registered Suppliers or B2B Fulfilment Partner.

Verification: Finalize the on boarding process by ensuring the verification of your submitted documents. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity and standards of our collaborative ecosystem.

Product Listing (Upload Catalogue to Our Inventory): After successful verification, gain access to a dedicated dashboard for product listings. This platform ensures seamless management of your offerings.
☛ Suppliers are responsible for providing accurate and detailed product information for listings.
☛ Product listings must comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Stock Your Product: Choose the method that suits you best—either physically transfer your stock to the EXAM360 warehouse or supply directly to the customer on behalf of EXAM360. This flexibility caters to diverse business models.

Product Sold: Once your product is successfully sold by EXAM360, you can request payments after completing the orders. This ensures a fair and timely compensation process.

Transparency: To promote transparency, our b2b suppliers and fulfilment partners have access to their Ledger Accounts, providing real-time insights into transactions and financial details.

Settlement: Upon successful completion of the order and customer transactions, the balance is credited to the Registered B2B Supplier's or Fulfilment Partners Bank Account within T+3 Days, streamlining financial processes.

Important Note: We uphold the importance of a diverse and inclusive marketplace, and therefore, we do not allow multiple suppliers from the same location or region. The decision regarding this policy will be made by the Management to maintain a fair and competitive environment for all partners.

EXAM360 is dedicated to creating a collaborative eco system. We believe in the strength of partnership and invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can achieve new heights of success and innovation. If you have any questions or require assistance, our support team is ready to help. Thank you for choosing EXAM360 as your trusted partner in growth. Happy Selling!

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