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Guidelines for registration of complaints / feedback / suggestions

EXAM360 dedicated members is focused to solve each & every complains / query for our valuable users. However we also love to hear something new from our valuable users & also expecting some innovative idea from our loyal users as “User’s Feedback” / “Suggestions” which might help us to deliver the best quality outputs to our end User’s in future. Basically EXAM360 uses the ”3 Tier Complain System” for our end users i.e. Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3. Please observe the following guidelines for speedy settlement of your grievances:

STAGE 1: Primary Level of Complains:-
EXAM360 Complain - A

Important Note: This is the Primary stage for lodging any complains under the above given nature. If the complains is not resolved by the given time window by EXAM360 Executives, you can forward your concern to Stage 2 and so on.

STAGE 2: Secondary Level of Complain:-
EXAM360 Complain B

Important Note: If the complaint is still not resolved in Initial Level in specified time window by EXAM360 Executives, the complainant may approach the “Management” at the above given address.

STAGE 3: Final Level of Complain:-
Final Stage of Complain - EXAM360 INDIA

Important Note:- If the case was not resolved or still not satisfied with the action taken in Stage 1 & 2, He / She may approach the “Superintendent of EXAM360” at the following address. While forwarding any Complain to Stage 2 & 3 it is advised to first lodge complain in Stage 1 i.e. Initial Stage of Lodging Complain & Wait as per the given time window (If any) by Exam360 Executives. If any complain received directly in Stage 2 or 3 It will be treated as invalid. 

ALERT: As per EXAM360 Policy Standards, The SATGE 3 Complain is the Final decision made by “Superintendent of EXAM360” in STAGE 3. No Further questions should be asked after STAGE 3.

Last Updated - 13 June, 2021.

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