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EXAM360® (INDIA) dedicated support team is ready to solve each & every problems of users (buyers). We also love to hear something new from our valuable users and also expecting some innovative idea, feedback, suggestions from the valuable users which might help us to grow this platform with the help of the 'Users'. As of now we have successfully launched a new complaint portal named as 'EXAM360 CONSUMER GRIEVANCE' Cell (ECG) with URL -


The Quick Enquiry (Call Back) feature is designed to streamline the complaint resolution process for users. We have introduced a quick chat support called Quick Enquiry (Call-back), where you must enter the name, email address, and phone number to request a call-back for any type of complaints. Using this Quick Enquiry (Call-back) support, all complaint will be answered through call-back by EXAM360 Official Support Team. In this quick chat support, all complaint will be answered within 0 - 48 Hours or Max. Up to 72 Hours Excluding Holidays. Here's how the process works step by step:

Initiating the Quick Enquiry:
☛ Users access the Quick Enquiry (Call Back) feature directly without the need for an account registration.
☛ Users start the process by accessing the Quick Enquiry (Call Back) feature.
☛ The feature prompts users to enter essential details for effective communication and issue resolution.

Entering Valid Details:
Users are required to enter correct and valid information, including:
☛ Full Name: To identify the user accurately.
☛ Mobile Number: A contact number for the support team to reach the user.
☛ Email Address: An alternative communication channel and for receiving an OTP.

Optional Order ID Submission:
☛ If the user made a direct purchase from EXAM360, they are encouraged to provide the valid Order ID.
☛ This helps in quick retrieval of purchase details and expedites the resolution process.

Selecting Category and Subcategory:
☛ Users categorize their complaint by choosing from a list of categories and subcategories.
☛ This step ensures that the complaint is directed to the appropriate department or team for resolution.

Providing Detailed Description:
☛ Users elaborate on their complaint in the "Enter Your Message" field.
☛ Clear and comprehensive details enable the internal support team to review the issue effectively.

Verification Through OTP:
☛ Users receive an OTP (One-Time Password) to their registered email address.
☛ The OTP serves as a verification step, enhancing the security of the complaint registration process.

Caution Regarding Refund Requests:
☛ Users are advised to exercise caution when requesting refunds.
☛ Clear instructions are provided to verify details before submission, as refund processes may be irreversible.

Submission and Confirmation:
☛ Users submit the completed complaint form, triggering an automated confirmation.
☛ This confirmation may include a reference number or case ID for future tracking.

Response Window:
☛ Users are informed that they can expect a response from the dedicated support team within 0 to 72 hours.

Resolution Process:
☛ The dedicated customer support team reviews the complaint details and works towards resolving the issue as soon as possible.
☛ Regular updates or communication may be provided to keep the user informed during the resolution process.

By incorporating these steps, the Quick Enquiry (Call Back) feature aims to offer users a convenient and efficient means of lodging complaints while ensuring that the necessary information is provided for effective resolution by the support team.


STEP 1: Open the 'EXAM360 CONSUMER GRIEVANCE' (ECG) Portal using url: 

STEP 2: Click on the 'Login' Section.
➡ If you already have an account, then simply fill your 'E-mail' & 'Password'. 
➡ If you don't have an account, then follow Step 3.

STEP 3: Click on the 'Register' button at the bottom. 
➡ If you are a new customer, you are supposed to register for a new account before filing any complaint.
➡ If you have already a Registered Account, Then Simply Follow Step 2 to Login to your dashboard. 

STEP 4: You need to fill your personal details on the "User Account Registration" page as shown below.
➡ To Eliminate multiple accounts, 1 user can have maximum 1 Account in this portal. In order to safeguard against fraud and other misconduct, you must validate your Aadhaar No., which will be validated using 12 Digit Aadhaar Number (UIDAI).
➡ It is against the rules to register multiple Accounts using different Aadhar No. details for a single individual, and doing so may result 'Account Suspension'. 
➡ While verifying E-mail id, you will receive an OTP in your email, Before click on 'Register Button' first you need to verify the OTP.

STEP 5: Once you verified your E-mail through OTP, Click on 'Register' button.

Once the user account registration is successful, you need to log in using your email id as your user id and the password which you must have created while registering the account. By entering OTP, you will be able to fully log into your account in order to lodge a complaint. 

Below we have attached the info graphic view where we highlighted the Steps, So it will helpful for you to create an account.


The page below will show up on your screen after you register with your user ID and password. The "Create Complaint" choice is visible there in the red box, as indicated in the picture.

Once you click on Create Complain option, you will be able to see the below page where you must submit all the required details such as Name, Registered Email id, Complain Category, Complain Sub Category, Order ID, Order Date, Amount, Transaction Id, Complaint Subject and mention your contact method in the description box and then submit Complain.

Once you have submitted details for your complaint, you will be able to view your complaint in the “My Complain” Section as mentioned below.

Note Points: 
  1. Please be notified that ECG PORTAL i.e. '' will be the only platform where your concerns will be addressed. Your complaints will be addressed only if you have registered your issues into the portal or lodged the complaint. 
  2. No complaints will be accepted through E-mail or Helpline due to disruption in management.
  3. For any type of general query, you need to contact us through helpline or through email address.
Complaint Reminder Process:
In case, you have not received any status of your complaints even after 7-10 days of raising the complaint. In such a scenario, you can use the “Complaint Reminders” features to remind the officials to respond on your Complaint Id.
1. Login using your user id and password on the support portal “support.exam360”
2. Enter your Complaint Number and Email Address
3. Click on the “Reminder” Option To Send a Complaint Reminder to our team.

Re-Open Case:- If the Complaint Id / Case Id was not resolved or still you are not satisfied with the action taken by the officials, you can easily re-open the case up to 7-10 times, After 3rd attempt, you will be eligible to forward the case to Higher Authority if your complaint were not resolved by Support Team or answered properly. But, The case will be automatically closed after 7 working days if the customer doesn't respond to the complaint. 

Employee Feedback: If any of the EXAM360 Executives respond or communicate with 'Users' in harsh or rude manners, in such cases 'Users' can downgrade the feedback against those executives which will ultimately hamper the Growth Opportunity of the employee. likewise, 'Users' are also recommended the Positive Feedback & Reviews, if any employee resolved your issues properly and you are satisfied with the response given by the officials. It is also advices to all our executives to maintain politeness while communicating with EXAM360 valuable customers.

Flag Message (Communication): If any of the EXAM360 Executives misbehave with any of the customers, then users can simply flag those message which will be monitored by Higher Authority to maintain the customer trust & support. Customer can use the appropriate cause such as - False or misleading information, Unethical behaviour over call, Threat via calls or message,  using Inappropriate Words or Abusive language.

Forwarding Complaint to Higher Authority: While forwarding any Complaint to Higher Authority it is advised 'Users' to go through the policies carefully i.e. If EXAM360 support team respond properly by following the given policies and still if you are forwarding any such cases to Higher Executive, there are very high chance of getting the same response from Higher Authorities. But, if any of the  EXAM360 support team violate any of the given policies in that cases, your concern will be accepted as per the policy guidelines only.

Using ‘Login to Dashboard’

1. To track the status of your complaint > Login with your User id and password. 
2. You will receive OTP on your registered e-mail id. 
3. Insert the received OTP to log into your account safely. 
4. Click on 'My Complaint' > View the Status.
5. Your complaints will be reflected on the page listed below, which you can access as shown below: 
You can view the full progress of your complaint and the representative's comments by clicking on the complaint number / complaint id. If any of our executive use any un-parliamentary language or giving false information, You can flag that message which will be monitoring by other executives. During the conversation, no one is allowed to use any un-parliamentary or abusive language inside this portal. 

Note: The user's account will be suspended if it becomes apparent that he filed complaints unnecessarily or misusing or spamming in any ways.

Without Login to Dashboard

In order to check your complaint status without login to your user account, you can simply do the below steps:  

Step 1: Just go to the website i.e. > Click on Complaint > Click on Complaint Status

Step 2: The page will ask for Complain No. and your registered Email id. After submitting the necessary information, you will be able to access the screenshot below, which will show the status of your complaint, whether it is active or closed

Note - You cannot access the complete details of your complaint without login due to security reasons. You should log in using your username and password and follow the above instructions to view the complete complaint status & response. Please be noted that our representative will schedule calls for each complaint you must have submitted via our portal. 


REGULAR STEPS: Login using your user id and password on the support portal i.e.
STEP 1: Under Complaint Section > Click on Report Errors Option 
STEP 2: Enter your Full Name, E-mail Address, and a description of the errors you are experiencing on our website so that we can investigate and resolve the issue as soon as feasible. 

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