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Post Ref. No - 37004 | Topic - Service delay due to Covid-19 (Second Wave) | Date Released - 01/05/2021.

We sincerely apologize for the expected delay in our services due to the Second Wave (Covid-19) for which the changes occur as listed below:
  1. Delay in delivery due to Transport unavailability. 
  2. Delay in Order processing time (It may take longer time than unusual timeline to process your order).
  3. Suspension of "Money Back Guarantee" for service delay. 
  4. Delay in "Customer Support / Helpline". 
  5. Web Application Update.
Please read / download the "Service Alert" changes listed clearly in PDF documents using the below links - "Read Online" or "Download Now". Thank you for your continued trust with #EXAM360 #ThankYouEcommerce.

Post Ref. No - 37003 | Topic - Unexpected delay in shipment throughout India | Date Released - 09/09/2020.

All India Delivery Delayed by 7-10 Days with Post Ref. No - 37001
We sincerely apologize to All of You for the expected delay in delivery of the products you ordered from EXAM360. Due to irregularities & route changes in the Logistic department for non-availability of Railway Mail Service (RMS), this inconvenience has been caused to you.

Also we are also flooded with a large number of unexpected orders in last 2 month and all this has led to this delay as well. Sometimes we may fail to process the orders on-time due to shortfall of In-stock Items due to Transportation Issues. 

We are trying our best to minimize the delay as much as possible to reduce your trouble. We have equipped our departments with more number of staffs; hopefully the issue will be resolved very soon.

Post Ref. No - 37002 | Topic - No Order will be shipped for Delhi & Mumbai Circle. | Date Released - 11/06/2020.

If you belongs to "DELHI" & "MUMBAI" Circle - No Order Item will be shipped as per New  Guidelines from Postal Authority w.e.f. 12/06/2020 due to COVID-19.
"Due to COVID-19", As per the New guidelines given by Postal Authority, No Shipments will be allowed to Delivered in Delhi & Mumbai Circles, As EXAM360 received the new notice as on dated - 11/06/2020. We request all users not to place any orders from "DELHI" & "MUMBAI" Zones. Still, If you are placing any orders from these zones, The order will be put on hold until the situation get normal / Further Notice. No Return / Refund Complains will be entertained for any type of delayed in delivery once order is placed from these Zones. For Updated News - Please follow the "EXAM360" Facebook Updates

Post Ref. No - 37001 | Topic - State Wise Expected Delay in Delivery due to COVID-19. | Date Released - 07/06/2020.

If you have successfully placed an order from EXAM360 website /App recently and have not received it yet, Please go through the below details carefully to get the rough idea - 
"Due to COVID-19, we understood that customer is facing problems due to late delivery by all Logistic partners. But we request all users to understand the current situations. The situations are not normal. In many Cities, Districts respective state authorities have different regulations to overcome from this serious threat of COVID-19 . Due to which delivery partners may takes longer time than expected timeline. But Once the situations get normal, be sure all logistic partners can easily fulfil as per the below Estimated Time Window & EXAM360 will accept all customers complain for any delay of delivery.

Due to COVID-19, we may-not accept any complains for delay in delivery as of now. However, your order is under “Buyer Protection Guarantee” until Delivery. So, Place your order before, accordingly you will get it in hands within the given below assumption timeline. Sometimes, Due to server down of our logistic partners, you may-not be able to track your order. In such cases we request buyers to wait up to 24 hours or Contact team through the below helpline numbers." 

We are gearing up our operations to start delivering all products across the country in all zones following the Central and respective State Government guidelines. Hence, deliveries may take longer than usual. We appreciate your patience in this regard.

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