EXAM360 - Refund Policy

EXAM360 Easy Refund Policy

or Money Back Guarantee is a scheme provided by EXAM360® (INDIA) directly under this policy in terms of which the option of refund is offered by the 'EXAM360® (INDIA)’ to its ‘Users’. As EXAM360® (INDIA) provides delivery through third party courier service, we do not provide any reverse ‘Pick Up Facility’  if the service are not available in our internal lists given by the logistic partners and in that conditions 'Users' have to Self Ship the product in order to initiate the refund process. 

We follow a uniform and singular policy of refund and this is subjected to certain condition(s) mentioned in the point ‘Process of Refund’. You are advised to go through the processes mentioned below for hassle free experience. 

For good users experience, you can check the 'Order Status' through the official link 'EXAM360 ORDER STATUS' Portal - https://orders.exam360.in/
For any Complaint, feel free to lodge the complaint through the official link 'EXAM360 CONSUMER GRIEVANCE (ECG)' Portal - https://support.exam360.in/

The refund process will not start until or unless we received the delivered item from ‘Users’ in EXAM360® (INDIA) warehouse or fulfilment centre. When EXAM360® (INDIA) ('We') receive the item shipped by you i.e. 'Users' / 'Buyers', upon complete inspection and assessing the condition of the product EXAM360® (INDIA) will initiate the refund process. Your (‘Users’) refund amount and refund method may vary and this is on the discretion of EXAM360® (INDIA).  Depending upon the result from our quality assessment team, we initiate the full refund or partial refund. The amount of refund is discretion of EXAM360® (INDIA) and we can assure your satisfaction is utmost priority to us and rest assure that if the product is received in complete perfect condition 'Full refund' amount will be initiated. You can check the refunded amount and the status of refund procedure in your Orders Confirmation Page or Order Status Portal and also we intimate the details in your registered E-mails. If the item is under transit in such cases refunds process will not occur. 

Once we receive your returned product in EXAM360® (INDIA) warehouse or fulfilment centre or 3rd party logistic partners or 3rd Party Suppliers notify us of the receipt of return goods in good condition, as the case may be, a refund is issued to the original payment method (In case of pre-paid transactions) or to your bank account / Phone pe / Google Pay / Paytm / Bhim UPI or other as per the below details. 
Important Alert:
  1. If the payment method, which you used to make the payment (such as credit/ debit card / Net Banking / Phone pe / Google Pay / Paytm / Bhim UPI) at the time of purchase is no longer valid, refund will be issued to another Phone-Pe / Google Pay / Bhim UPI / Bank Account / Paper Cheque / Money Order by filling ‘Users' ‘Self Declaration Form’ or we may request you to send the details through Email at 'exam360.in@gmail.com' by using the same email ids which were used at the time of purchase. If you communicate from another email id, it will be treated as fishy and spam email and that will not be accepted due to Buyer Protection.
  2. If we receive a payment failure notice from bank, refund will be issued through a Paper Cheque / Money Order / Demand Draft in favour of the "Users" as per the Order Details records only or we may request you to send the details through Email at 'exam360.in@gmail.com' by using the same email ids which were used at the time of purchase. If you communicate from another email id, it will be treated as fishy and spam email and that will not be accepted due to Buyer Protection.
  3. We may communicate via an e-mail or through call and asking you to drop us an E-mail and provide your name, address or any other Phone Pe / Google Pay / BHIM UPI / Bank Accounts in which you want the refund or for demand draft to be sent. After we receive these details through the same registered E-mails, refund will be initiated as per the written user’s consent from the same e-mail id from which the users made the purchase. You i.e. 'Users' have to send the consent form by E-mail requests at 'exam360.in@gmail.com' with ‘Users' ‘Self Declaration Form’.
  4. If you have  placed the order and provide mobile number in the address form and have made the payment. But, if you want a refund against this order, we may  provide refund to the UPI Id bearing the same mobile number mentioned in address form and once payment is made we will not entertain any other refund request in any third party number apart from this number. So, you are strongly advised to give the valid mobile number in address that is also linked with your UPI. We recommend 'Users' not to use other person mobile number while placing any orders from EXAM360® (INDIA) websites / android applications. If you are still using any 3rd party or 3rd person mobile numbers, EXAM360® (INDIA) will not bear any losses or damages. Then this type of cases will be treated as the 3rd Party or Person is linked with you. 

You are advised to go through the below table in order to get better idea of time frame of refund and the different conditions you have to oblige for hassle free experience. 
Standard Calculations of Penalty Charges / Partial Refunds:
In general conditions the Base Penalty charges or Partial Refunds is 10% to 20% for any types of Policy Violation or Others Cases, But sometimes it is noticed that the actual losses of EXAM360® (INDIA) is comparatively higher than the given %, due to not complying with the Terms & conditions or Policies by the Users (buyers). To avoid this losses, the Penalty Charges must cover the below charges which are non-refundable or non-recoverable in nature.

List of charges to be recovered for not complying with the policies:
  1. Payment Gateway Charges.
  2. Shipping Charges & Packaging Charges.
  3. Transportation Cost & Fuel Cost.
  4. Damage Item Received (If any).
  5. Additional Maintenance Charges.
Refund for 'Cash On Delivery' Orders:
For 'Cash on delivery' orders, refunds will be processed in the same process as stated above. If you wish to receive the 'Cash on delivery' orders refund to your bank account or any specific account, you can update the details of the bank account or the specific refunds choice as stated above  through written E-mail consent from same email id by requesting at 'exam360.in@gmail.com' or via EXAM360 Consumer Grievance (ECG) Portal with ‘Self Declaration Form for Refund’. 

Important Note: While collecting the refunds from EXAM360® (INDIA), The 'User' Name given by you in  your Orders / Order Ids should match with the name of the bank account holder in case of any refund process initiation. It’s our earnest request to 'Users’ try to provide the same Bank Account or the same Phone pe / Google Pay / BHIM UPI which matches the name while placing an order and also use same Mobile no. which matches the same customer name. 

However, we accept the request for Refund process to third-party account after getting written E-mail requests at 'exam360.in@gmail.com' with 'Users' ‘Self Declaration Form for Refund’. If you are using any 3rd party Mobile No. where the registered name is different as per 'BHIM UPI, Phone Pe, Google Pay or Paytm' while placing an order from EXAM360® (INDIA) websites / android applications, we may initiate refund if the number is listed on BHIM UPI, Phone Pe, Google Pay or Paytm. It is the responsibility of 'Users' to use authentic mobile number while placing any order from EXAM360® (INDIA). 

Shipping Cost / Gift Wrapping Refunds:
EXAM360® (INDIA) prefer only genuine returns as specified under certain acceptable conditions in 'EASY RETURN' Policy. For Fulfilled by EXAM360® (INDIA) Orders, return shipping costs of up-to Rs.45/- will be refunded or reimbursed. The cost of gift-wrapping will also be refunded back, if the return request are eligible under 'EASY RETURN' Policy.

Penalty & Deductions:
As per the "Penalty" guidelines, the penalty is calculated based on various factors which cannot be reversed back due to usage of the EXAM360® (INDIA) resources. Here are few charges that cannot be recovered due to loss of the resources. To know more please follow the below table.

1. How much will i get as refund if i received damaged, defective or wrong products?
Answer: If "Users" received damaged, defective or wrong products, In such cases only replacement options will be available to "Users" if the Item is In-Stock. or If the respective item (product) not available in EXAM360 warehouse to avail replacement within 7 days after receiving the return product from "Users", then Full Refund will be automatically applied followed by Coupon Policy.

2. How much will i get as refund, if i refuse any delivery?
Answer: Before making any purchase or payments, it is the responsibility of "Users" to check properly the Product title, Name, Quantity, Amount, Discounts, Editions, Images carefully in your shopping cart page. 

After placing an order, no excuse will be entertained that some wrong details were mentioned over any products descriptions or any of its parts, It is adviced before making any purchase, you must followup the product image, Either the same product which is displaying it will be given to you or if any latest editions available in EXAM360 Warehouse. If "Users" trying to raise any baseless reasons or claim to getback the refund value by misuing any of its Terms, in such cases "Penalty" will be applied as per the criteria for mis-using EXAM360 resources.

Also, if users refuse any delivery for service delay or delivery late by by logistic partners, Partial refunds will be applicable with "Penalty" for Using its resources or the Return Courier will be re-shipped without any extra charges. 

It is also adviced to users, before making any purchase from EXAM360, please always take time, If any exams is coming soon, then you are adviced not to use our services. EXAM360 uses 3rd Party logistic services, due to which the actual delivery time may differ depends on the logistic partners. You must agreed with this standard policy while making any purchase from this platform. 

However, if we receive any claims for valid cause which we generally accept, in such cases full refund will be made, But for 'Service delay and other issues which are listed above, In such cases only partial refunds will be made as per the Tablular Chart. 

3. How much will i get as refund, if i refuse my delivery under "Replacement" stage?
Answer: If "Replacement" article were refused by customer while the logistic partner out for delivery, In such cases "Penalty" will apply as per the criteria for mis-using EXAM360 resources. So, we request users, try to avoid any purchase, if you are trying to misuse this platform or its resources. 

4. How do i raise request refunds 'If item not shipped' within 15 days from the date of order?
Answer: If any item not shipped within 15 days (Only for In-stock items, Excluding Stock-on-demand or 'On-Demand'), you can easily raise Refund request using EXAM360 Consumer Grievance (ECG) portal. Internal team will follow-up the case and will forward it to Payments team to issue refund at the earliest.  

5. If i raise refunds request after placing any order, do i got full refund?
Answer: No, After placing an order, if any type of order cancellation request received, Partial refund will be applicable as per the above tabular chart. However, as per the above tabular chart, if the complain were raised and fall under full refund category, It will be treated as 'Full Refund'.. 

6. If i raise any false claim or return request, how much deductions will be applied?
Answer: As per the penalty guidelines, the refunds will be applied as per the policy for violation or misuing this platform as per the above mentioned tabular charts. If any issues are missing above, it will be shortout mutually with consumer as soon as possible. 

7. If i don't like the product or quality, Is my refund applicable?
Answer: Yes, you can apply for refund, if you don't like the product within 7 days as per Easy Return Policy followed by the "Penalty" charges as clearly mentioned above. For more information, please read 'EASY RETURN' and 'Refund Policy'. 

8. If i have any doubts regarding counterfeit products, then can i apply for refund?
Answer: Yes, if you received any counterfeit products, EXAM360 officials will verify it with the help of suppliers or through other modes. If EXAM360 found the product delivered to you by internal team is suspected, They may request to return the product for investigate. For general investigation it may takes 15 days or more depends on the type of issues. If found the item is counterfeit, you will get full refund without any hesitation. 

But if no counterfeit, Exam360 may refuse your claims and it will be treated as "False Claim" raise by "Users" and no actions will be taken further & the respective shipment will be returned to 'Users'.

However, If the item shipped by "3rd Party" suppliers which are 'Like New' products category, It will not covered under 'Counterfeit' due to the item was already in 'Used Conditions'. 

8.1 How do i confirm that the product, i received are "Original"?
Answer: If you have any doubt regarding counterfeit issues, you can request "Verification" by sending an Email at 'exam360.in@gmail.com' to verify the products quality check or by contacting our support team through EXAM360 Consumer Grievance (ECG) portal. Our internal team will investigate using product weight, size, company holograms, barcodes, qr codes, etc. If found any counterfeit issues, EXAM360 will issue full refund at the earliest. However, the chances is negligible, due to all item supplied to "Users" sourced from direct 'Verified Suppliers'. If still users, have any doubts, you can first raise "Verification" request to EXAM360 using the given portal - EXAM360 Consumer Grievance (ECG).

9. If i use any false claim or trying to misuse this platform, Then will i get full refund?
Answer: No, if we found any false claims 'Penalty' will be applied as per the policy. Also, we may temporarily hold your id until the issue resolved. During that timeline i.e. 'Hold Accounts' you are not allowed to make any purchase, If still if you are trying to use EXAM360 resources, no service will be provided to you until the issue get resolved. Also, internal team may not respond to your email or any query if found any baseless cause.  

10. If any false calim received or trying to misuse this plaform, What are the actions will be taken by EXAM360?
Answer: We request "Users" not to misuse thie platform. If you are not serious or concerned about the policies, you can leave this platform at the earliest without violating any of the policies and can read the Terms and Conditions carefully. If still found any mall practice done by Users, EXAM360 May Temporarly Hold your account or may permanently blocked your Id for misusing this platform ie. Name, Email Id, Phone Numbers, IP Address (if any), Device Id (If any). After then if we receive any further orders, It will be treated as "Blocked" and in such cases "Refunds will be applicable after 30 Days time line with Deductions after Settlement of your last purchase. If any User Id is blocked, no service will be given to you & all upcoming orders will be on Hold. 

11. If i don't practice any false calim or misue this platform, is there any chance of blocked my Id ?
Answer: No. .EXAM360 will not take any actions, if users are fair and honest. But if you received any E-mail by error, You can report us through Email with proper details at 'exam360.in@gmail.com' or you can contact our support team through this platform EXAM360 Consumer Grievance (ECG)

12. If i refuse article during delivery, is it under "Missuing" criteria ?
Answer: No, It depends on the cases, if 'users' refused article for valid reasons as specified on above table, then no actions will be taken but if any users try to misuse this platform, Penalty may be applied as per the policy. 

13. Where's My Refund & How much time it will take to settle in my account?
Answer: You can check the payment method that was refunded and the status of your refund in Your Orders or in your registered e-mail id or through the Order Status Portal. Generally it takes 7-15 business days depends on various categories as specified under Table 1.1.1. Under the specific timeline, if you didn't receive your refund amount, You can raise the complain to EXAM360 Consumer Grievance (ECG) to initiate the refund process. Users, are requested to wait sometime. Due to huge workload, sometimes it may delay than expected timeline. 

14. To whom should i contact, if any delay in Refund beyond the given estimated timeline?
Answer: Yes, you can contact our support team through EXAM360 Consumer Grievance (ECG). Our executives will help you to resolve your query. Our team will respond to you with proper resolutions at the earliest.

15. What is the actual reason of 'Penalty Charges' charged by EXAM360® (INDIA)?
Answer: EXAM360® (INDIA) offer best product price for its valuable 'Users', But sometimes as per the last experience, few of our 'Users' are misusing EXAM360 resources through various ways, to avoid this types of dispute, minimize the wastage of EXAM360 Resources and to provide good customer experience for our valuable 'Users', the penalty charges were charged only to protect the platform from such customer to eliminate those types of cases.  

16. My Refund amount is not credited, then what will happen?
Answer: EXAM360® (INDIA) process refunds using our resources, Once refund was successfully credited, you will receive proper e-mail notifications from EXAM360 official domains i.e. (.in or .co.in). No further claims will be entertained if any mistake done by 'Users'. However, if any mistake done by EXAM360® (INDIA) team, you are eligible to request us to verify your issues through EXAM360 Consumer Grievance (ECG). Please describe your issues in details in English or Hindi language, so our internal resource team can understood and resolve your issues at the earliest. 

17. If i gave wrong UPI ID or Mobile Number for refund, then what will happen?
Answer: If 'Users' provide any wrong details, then you may loose your refund. Once refund is processed successfully, no further claims will be entertained due to purely mistake by 'User'.

18. What is the maximum time limit to claim any refund related disputed case?
Answer: Yes, you are allowed to claim your refund related disputed amount within 2 business days from the date of E-mail which you received through E-mail. After 2 days of refunds, no further claims will be entertained. Once the payment disbursed or credited to the account and after then no complaint will be accepted. 
19. Can i return the product if i ordered by mistake or unknowingly or if i don't like the product?
Answer: No, generally we don't allow users (buyer) to return the product. But in certain cases we may issue the refund with proper deductions considering the case as 'Policy violation'. Click here to know more details about the Refund Policy, Easy Return Policy.     

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