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Welcome to EXAM360® (INDIA)! To maintain a positive and secure online shopping experience for all users, we have established this Listing Policy to ou

Welcome to EXAM360® (INDIA)! To maintain a positive and secure online shopping experience for all users, we have established this Listing Policy to outline the guidelines and standards for product listings on this platform. By using our website, you agree to comply with these policies.

1. Accurate Product Information:
Listings must accurately represent the product or service being offered. EXAM360® (INDIA) or its associate partners & suppliers are required to provide clear and truthful information, including but not limited to:
☛ Accurate product descriptions.
☛ Clear images that represent the actual product.
☛ Correct pricing information, including any applicable taxes or fees.
☛ Availability status and shipping information.

2. Prohibited Items:
We strictly prohibit the listing of the following items on our platform:
☛ Illegal or prohibited substances and activities.
☛ Counterfeit or unauthorized replicas of branded products without authorisation letter.
☛ Stolen or unlawfully obtained goods.
☛ Offensive, obscene, or adult content.
☛ Hazardous materials or substances.
☛ Items that infringe on intellectual property rights.
☛ Items that promote hate speech, violence, or discrimination.
☛ Any product or service violating local, national, or international laws.

3. Edition Information:
☛ If a product is an older edition displaying on official website, customers are advised to contact our support team before making a purchase to confirm the edition currently available in our warehouse. Generally EXAM360® (INDIA) will prefer to supply the latest editions which are available in local marketplace or suppliers.
☛ The support team will assist in providing information about the available editions and help customers make an informed decision.

4. Pricing Policy:
☛ Prices listed on the website are subject to change without prior notice. However, the price displayed during the checkout process will be the final price for the customer.
☛ In case of any discrepancy in the product description, detail page, or MRP (Maximum Retail Price), users are encouraged to use the quick call-back feature to report the issue to our support team before making any purchase. After making the purchase we couldn't reverse back the transactions.

5. Reporting Inaccuracies:
☛ If users notice any inaccuracies in product descriptions, detail pages, or MRPs, kindly inform our support team by sharing the product's name or URL.
☛ Users can use the quick call-back feature to report such issues efficiently.
☛ Our internal team will review the reported discrepancies and take corrective action as necessary.

6. Intellectual Property:
EXAM360® (INDIA) or its associate partners & suppliers must respect others intellectual property rights. Listings that infringe on trademarks, copyrights, or patents are strictly prohibited. It is the responsibility of suppliers to ensure they have the legal right to list and sell the products they offer.

7. Prohibited Practices:
The following practices are not allowed:
☛ Keyword spamming or manipulation to enhance search visibility.
☛ Misleading or deceptive information in listings.
☛ Shill bidding or any form of price manipulation.
☛ Cross-promotion of items not relevant to the listing.

8. Restricted Categories:
Certain product categories may have additional restrictions or requirements. Sellers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with category-specific policies and guidelines.

9. Reporting Violations:
Users are encouraged to report any violations of this Listing Policy promptly. Our team will investigate reported cases and take appropriate action as soon as possible, which may include removing listings or involving law enforcement.

10. Policy Updates:
This Listing Policy is subject to periodic updates. EXAM360® (INDIA) associate partners & suppliers are responsible for staying informed about any changes. Continued use of our platform implies acceptance of the most recent version of this policy.

11. Quick Call-Back Feature:
☛ Utilize the quick call-back feature on our website to report any discrepancies promptly.
☛ Our support team will prioritize quick resolution of reported issues.

12. Customer Assistance:
☛ Our support team is available to assist customers with any questions or concerns regarding product listings, editions, or pricing.
☛ Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing accurate and reliable information.

13. Continuous Improvement:
☛ We appreciate user feedback and strive for continuous improvement. Your input helps us maintain the integrity of our platform.
☛ We are committed to reviewing and updating our listings to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Thank you for choosing EXAM360. We value your trust and cooperation in maintaining the accuracy and reliability of our product listings. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy learning!

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