Delivery Policy

Get your ordered delivered to your door step in Limited Time Window.

EXAM360 SHOP  (A Unit of ACHIEVERS RULE) understands, you want your ordered item fast and safely. Here is our guarantee on all orders to our valuable users. EXAM360 SHOP assure users to deliver the ordered product throughout INDIA at all Pincodes at best & challenging price guarantee. For succesfully orders, users / buyers need to fill the correct address in below form during checkout. While entering the address users need to take special care to fill proper Address i.e. Full Name, C/O, House No, Landmark, Etc. If you belongs to Gramin / Village area where House / Door No. is not avilable in such cases users need to fill other requisite details i.e. Full Name, C/O, Village, Landmark, City, State, Pin Code, Contact No., Etc. 
EXAM360 Correct Address Format
NOTE: Please try to fill correct address as per below given examples for hassle free door step delivery. For any incomplete or insufficient address if any issues occured, EXAM360 will not be liable for any losses/damages. 

IMPORTANT ALERT - If user's use School / College / Office / Work Place address, EXAM360 logistic partner or associates may deliver the product to the respective office or security gate (If any), Gatekeeper (If any) or they may deliver to the office campus (If entry is allowed). So, it is the responsibility of users to enter proper address carefully, if you are using commercial address.

Once we receive the order we will process it within 0-3 business days. While processing the order, our dedicated warehouse team will follow few steps before despatching the products:

1] Stock Level: This is the first step to check-out the stock level. If, the ordered item is In-stock then it will be proceed to the next step i.e. “Address Evaluation”. In case if the ordered item is Out of stock then you will receive your FULL REFUND (i.e. Product Value including shipping charges) in the same bank account through which the amount was debited or Sometimes due to technical glitch on various payments gateway we may credit the refunded amount manually to your bank accounts or We may hold your order for next few days i.e. 0-7 Business Days if there is any chance of "IN-STOCK". 

NOTE: Typically refund in the bank account takes 0-7 business days after order cancellation by EXAM360 Team. It is purely depends on the respective Payment Gateway Regulated by RBI (Reserve Bank of India). If any delay occured in refund by the Payment Gateway, In such cases users need to contact the respective Payment Gateway Helpline Number given by those respective Payments Gateway through which the transaction was originally made or Users can contact us with detail information regarding the Payments made. EXAM360 SHOP uses top reputed brands like "Paypal" or "Instamojo" for safe & secured payment gateway for our valuable users with 24*7 Active Helpline.

IMPORTANT ALERT: None of our executives or employee of EXAM360 will ask any confidential details i.e. Bank Account OTP, Password, Etc or Demand any money. However, EXAM360 Executives are allowed to ask Bank Account No. , Account Holder Name, IFSC Code only under refund cases.  If you suspect any frauds you can report us immediately in the given Helpline.

2] Address Evaluation: As per our practical expertise in 50% cases, most users filled incomplete address, So, we request users to please fill valid & complete address while purchasing any item from this website in the above given format i.e. Name, C/O, House Name /No., Locality, City, Landmark, Nearest Post-office, State, Pin-code, Mobile No., E-mail Id. 

However EXAM360 ORDER PROCESSING TEAM will evaluate it. But, sometime it’s very difficult to evaluate multiples order while processing in a day. Strictly, It’s the responsibility of Users or Buyers to enter Valid & Complete address, If any issues occurred due to Incomplete, Insufficient Address / Address not traceable by renowned courier partners, In such cases we may-not be liable for any losses or damages. If there are other reasons like your address not serviceable by the logistic partners or Address Misprint, we will get in touch with you for additional details in 0-3 Business days either through registered Mobile No. & E-mail.

EXAM360 Support Team may confirm your address over Phone, E-mail, Whatsapp, Our Support Team may ask you some required details related to your address only. None of our executives will ask any confidential details like Password, OTP for order processing. If you suspect any unethical activities you can file your complain to "Legal Head" via Call / E-mail. 

3] QC & Despatching: In this process the Ordered Item was thoroughly checked by our QC (Quality Control) Team. Once the item was cleared by our team it will be “Ready for Packaging”. The item was properly wrapped by Transparent Open Zip Lock Bags, Tamper Proof Packing Materials, Brown Paper Rapping, Plastic Packaging or Corrugated Boxes depends on the Size, Volumetric Weight of the product. Once the item was packed by our Packagers & Movers Team it will be ready to “Despatch” through logistic partners. During the QC Check (Quality Control) we basically focused on product condition. However EXAM360 is not responsible for any missing Pages inside the book (If any). While despatching the product through our logistic partners we properly verify each product i.e. Books Condition, Scratch Code (If Any), CD/DVD, Any other Free Materials attached with the books. 

4] Confirmation: After successfully despatching the item through renowned courier partner, our dedicated team will confirm you through E-mail with valid tracking details to your registered E-mail / Phone No. We work with renowned courier partners like Fedex, Gati, Delhivery, DTDC, Indian Post, Etc. on every order. Every order will have valid Tracking ID which will be confirmed to users through E-mails within 24-72 hours after despatching the products. You can check the status of your order from the respective courier partner official website.

Sometimes we may issues prior Tracking No / Consignment No / AWB No. to Users or Buyers before despatching the item, which clearly defines that the item is packed & ready to ship and in next 0-2 Business days it will be handover to the respective logistic partners. 

NOTE: Most orders at EXAM360 get shipped within 0-3 business days. If your order was placed recently, please allow us time to procure and dispatch. In-case of any STRIKE / PUBLIC HOLIDAY in renouned courier partner it may delay in processing as per the real time situation. Sometimes due to huge no. of orders we may delay to forward the "Valid Tracking Details" to your registered E-mail / SMS or by Call. But generally  all orders will despatched within 0-3 Business Days. 

Extra services may include signature upon delivery, supplemental insurance, and Prime shipping options which users can check only through our official website i.e. EXAM360 STORE ( This service includes 3 layer of security i.e. Signature + Product Insurance + Quick Delivery (3 Days). The shipping charges for Extra services may varry depends on the distance & product volumetric weight / dead weight. For getting this extra services you can contact our given helpline numbers. 

EXAM360 SHOP generally process all orders seperately as per the Order Lists, But if we receive multiple orders from the same Users Address and if it is possible by EXAM360 to deliver multiple orders (May have multiple Payment ID / Order ID) in one box / packaging, we may process multiple orders having multiple Payment ID / Order ID in single packaging with only 1 Tracking ID. It helps users to get the ordered item in a Single Box / Packet. While processing multiple orders in single packaging users will get only 1 Tracking ID instead of multiple Tracking ID's. If our warehouse team issues single Tracking ID for multiple orders, the same tracking ID will work for multiple orders i.e. products for hassle free shopping experience.         

We can take your request for change of address as long as the order has not been handed over to our courier partner. If the order was shipped recently or packed, then we could not make any changes in address at any cost.

While changing the address users need to send the New Address with ORDER ID & Mobile No.  through E-mail at or from the registered Email Id. For Buyer Protection, if we receive any E-mails from any other E-mail Id we may not authorize to change due to BUYER PROTECTION.

In case the order has not reached the shipment stage, you can contact us through E-mail or using the given HELPLINE No's. To ensure safety of your package, we would do additional verification of your identity on email or phone or our warehouse team may ask further questions regarding your orders to verify your identity. 

Exam360 Publication Helpline

During Quality Control (QC) at our fulfilment centre, if we come across any issue with the product or the package content or any issues related to incomplete address or insufficient address, we may keep the shipment on hold without any questining. Within 0-72 hours the issue is resolved after getting proper details from the users and after successful ORDER you will get confirmation E-mail with VALID TRACKING details on your registered E-mail or through any mode of communication which ever is possible. 

But If we didn't get any response for any Real Time Issues from the Users / Buyers i.e. through E-mail / Phone, we may hold the shipment untill clearance of the address, Etc. 

EXAM360 shipped all order item from warehouse in just 0-3 Business Days if the Order Item is IN-STOCK. Once the item is shipped, User's / Buyer's will get proper E-mails with requisite Tracking details. 

Generally the order item takes 3 to 8 business days to deliver the order after it has been dispatched. The number of days could vary depending on your address location. If you are residing in Main Land City then it will be delivered in 3-5 business days or more depends on the courier partner availability but if you are from Village / Panchayat / Remote location then it may takes more time as compared to Main cities. 

As per EXAM360 SHOP Policy standard the respective courier partner will deliver the item to your door step as in the registered address, if the ordered address is proper & accurate. In most cases the respective private owned courier partner may contact you through Call while Out for Delivery. But if the shipment was shipped through Indian Post / Any Govt. owned courier partners, you may not get any Call while Out for Delivery. For hassle free shopping experience users are requested to track the order on regular basis to the respective official websites of the logistic partners after receiving the Tracking Deatils. And Please use complete address for best shopping experience. 

However, if the package is still not delivered to you within 10-12 business days and you do not see any movement in the last 48-72 hours on the logistic partners official websitse, you should contact with the courier company directly or you may contact us through E-mail or the given Helpline No's instantly with your valid order details or Tracking ID. EXAM360 will continuous follow up the case until the order is delivered. But In some situations users need to wait as per the respective courier partner official Policy / T&C. 

EXAM360™ (INDIA) process customers orders as per the warehouse suitability for the following conditions :-
1. For Multiple Customer Orders, EXAM360 despatch team may merge it in one packaging at any stage "If the customer delivery address is same".
2. For any type of natural disaster or a pandemic, EXAM360 warehouse team may delay to process  customers orders and it results delay in delivery.
3. EXAM360 warehouse team may delay to process customer orders for "STOCK_ON_DEMAND" items.

RTO (Return to Origin):
RTO stands for ‘Return to origin’. The courier had tried to deliver the order at your address but failed to do it due to the listed below possibilities and it is now in Returning Stage to our fulfilment centre. Before an RTO is initiated, the respective courier partner’s makes 1-3 delivery attempts to the address or contact you on your phone.But If the Contact No. / Address is not valid in such cases they hold for few more days to claim the order. If still no claim was found in such cases the logistic partners Return the Shipment which is termed as "RTO".

While preparing for RTO, mostly all courier partners again give the chance to “Claim” the item directly from office & hold the shipment for next 2-3 Business days in nearest office of the respective courier partners. But if the consignee Un-claimed, in such cases the respective courier partner “Return the shipment to the Origin”.

As per EXAM360 SHOP Policy standard once we receive the RTO from the respective courier partner, our executive may contact you either through Call / E-mails with detail information for validation purpose.

Re-Shipped: After getting confirmation from the Buyer by our executive through any mode of communication, again the item will be Re-shipped through Regular Courier Service Only without any extra charges from the users. However If, users needs Expedite or Prime courier services, in such cases users need to Pay Extra Charges depends on the courier partners & the product volumetric weight / Flat weight (Whichever is more).  i.e. the difference between the Shipping charges [Expedite / Prime Charges - Regular Charges]. While Paying the EXTRA CHARGES users need to the Difference Values (₹) using INSTAMOJO only. 

Refund: If, users want to get refund in-such cases users can get it easily after a deduction of Forward shipping charges only. The refunded amount will reflect in the same bank account in 7-15 business days. If the returned product is in Damaged conditions then it may validated by EXAM360 Team & refund value will depends on the actual condition of the product. 

Cause of Non-delivery:
  • In-complete address or Insufficience Addresss, Address not found or Traceable.
  • Door Locked / No response / Unavailability. 
  • Invalid Contact Deatils / Phone No. 

The amount that you paid while ordering at EXAM360 SHOP includes the product price and courier charges. You are not required to pay any extra amount at the time of receiving the orders in PRE-PAID ORDERS by any of our logistic partners. If, any courier partners ask any amount, you can immediately contact us without paying any extra values.

The shipping charges which was charged by EXAM360 are calculated on the basis of Product Volumetric weight / Dead weight (Whichever is more) + Packaging Cost & Fuel Charges. As per EXAM360 SHOP policy standards we have Flat Shipping Rates throughout India. The shipping charge includes Packaging Cost + Tariff + Fuel Charges from origin to the destination. However as of now for Pre-Paid orders two choices are available for users i.e. Standard Shipping Method & Expedite Shipping Method. Users can choose the shipping method depends on there suitability. 

Generally our logistic partners delivers the Consginment / Order from Monday - Saturday in-between 7 AM - 9 PM. Sometimes they may deliver the orders on Sunday during emergency. If the Destination Pincode is located in main land city then generally our logistic partners takes 4-6 Business Days to deliver the products from our warehouse to the destination pincodes throughout INDIA, But if the destination Pin-code is located at remote location then it may takes more time. The delivery time is purely depends on many factors like distance, location, Etc. 

As we can give estimated time to users which may varry on real time. To get the actual details about the shipment users need to track through official website of the respective logistic partners only. But below we have some expected delivery timings: 

Main Town / City
4-8 Days
3-5 Days
Remote Location
6-10 Days
4-6 Days (If Service Available)
Gramin / Village Area
7-12 Days
5-7 Days (If Service Available)

If the item shows delivered in official website of the respective courier partners, In such cases users need to communicate with the Respective courier partner (Helpline no./ Nearest Office). If the shipping address is office or college or housing society, please check at the Reception/ Main gate or Ask Security Guard / Watchman / Reception / Etc. If still if you are facing any issues, you can immediately contacts us through the given HELPLINE / E-mail or you can lodge complain to the respective courier partner. But, as per our policy we will follow the respective courier partner’s official tracking details only. So, please avoid using office address while ordering any item from this website.

Users / Buyers are requested to entered complete residential address properly which helps the logistic partners to deliver the shipment in the actual address. But if your address is incorrect / Invalid / Non Tracable then we maynot help you out regarding your delivery. We also follow the details provided by the logistic partners only. So, Buyers are requested to enter valid address with active mobile number & email id. 

EXAM360 SHOP assure all users to deliver the ORDER ITEM with 100% accuracy. We may not be under any liabilities for losses / Damages if users uses "Office" / "Work Place" address for delivery. Please request all our loyal users to take the benifits of Lowest Price & Genuine Products at Reasonable Price but try to use residential address only while placing any orders. If users uses Office / Work Place address then if the logitic partner shows "ITEM DELIVERED" we will also treat as per there official records only. No further questing should be asked.

As per our experts guidelines, If you entered Office / Work place address, Then before lodging any complain to us please confirm from your respective office "Security Guard / Staff / Reception". Basically the logistic partners delivers the item to "Security Guard / Staff / Reception" if you had entered office address. If still if you faced issues then in such cases users need to contact the respective nearest office of the courier partners as per EXAM360 Guidelines.

If any dispute occured related to Residential address, Be sure EXAM360 SHOP will help you to guide but users need to cooperate with us as per the regulation guidelines. Also EXAM360 can assure we will not waste your money easily. As per previous experience we can assure we have 100% Accuracy Rates + 0% Order defect Rates. Sometimes due to huge pressure by the logistic partners they may delay, But users can directly be in touch with us using the given HELPLINE numbers.

In case, you discover that Courier Company has marked the delivery to another city / address, you should immediately contact us through E-mail/ Call and we will follow-up with the courier on your behalf. If any such type of incident happened we will take the responsibility of Losses / Damages & EXAM360 will issue new product to the Users / Buyers without making any losses to users after getting clarification from the respective courier partners. But User's need to wait sometime & follow the guidelines given by the respective courier partners. 

ALERT: We request all users to be fair while communicating with our experts. If, you face any issues seriously we would like to “HELP 24*7 using the given Helpline No.”. But if found any fraudulent activities we may not provide any support & may forward the case to the respective  EXAM360 “Legal Head” for further enquiry. 

Cataclysmic events and different conditions outside our ability to control can sporadically disturb our Services. If there is an active service disruption, it will list under 'Live Updates' Page. To read the latest news and information, please kindly click on the 'Live Updates'. If you are in hurry or expect standard delivery overnight, we suggest you not to make any purchase, because EXAM360 may fail to deliver within the estimated time window due to dependent on 3rd Party Logistic Partners. 

You can track the shipment on the respective courier partner’s official website using the airway bill number (also known as AWB No./ Tracking Number / Consignment Number). Sometimes in Almost Logistic Courier Partners after despatching the item it may takes 48-72 Hours to update on its server. However, after receiving the Email you can check it directly to the respective courier partner’s website. If it shows "Consignemnt Not Found" on the courier partner’s website, You need to wait up to 72 Hrs. After then if still the issues is not resolved in such cases you can contact us directly using the given Helpline No's. 

If you see that there is a movement of your package in last 48-72 hours, it simply denotes the Order is on the way for deliver  & please allow the courier partner’s to give few more days time to deliver it to your door step. 

If any acticle is not delivered in Estimated Time Limit then users can track through official website of the respective courier partners. If found any movement in last 48-72 Hrs / Contact information then you can contact them immediately. But in general  conditions sometimes they may delay in delivery from EXPECTED TIMINGS which may varry up to +/- 5 Days from Estimated Delivery Timings. 

But, If an article is not delivered within 5-8 Days (For Main Land City) / 8-10 Days (For Remote Location) then users need to contact us immediately either through E-mail / Whatsapp or using the given Helpline No's. 

But be sure you have properly checked before lodging any comlain to our executives. Below we listed the details of the logistic partners official portals through which users can track there Consignment / AWB No. / Tracking No. easily without any experts help. 

Gift-wrap facility is also available on all the orders before shipping to the addresses. To avail this facility users need to Pay A Small Charges after completing the orders. While Paying the Small Charges users need to Enter the Purpose of Payment & Its Charges through Instamojo.

Standard Wrap (Wrapping materials): ₹20
Premium Wrap (Including Box): ₹30


Enter in Purpose of Payment Field: ’Gift Wrap [Enter You MOJO ID/Payment ID]’
Enter in Purpose of Payment Field: ’Gift Wrap [MOJO8n08D00N03031261]’ & Its charges.

For registration of complain please follow the few steps - CLICK HERE

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